Linda Lanza's
Envelope Addressing Guidelines

All my work is handlettered.

My starting rate to address envelopes is $3.00 per address, and is based on a typical 3-line address, translucent papers, black ink, and a formal Italic style. (Click to view sample)

Highly-textured stock, dark or opaque stock, glossy surfaces, ornate letterstyles, lengthy addresses, typeface matching, and color matching are some factors where upcharges might apply.

All shipping and delivery costs are the client's responsibility.


A.) a typed list (12-point Arial or Times or similar using upper- and lowercase) with complete names, addresses, and zip codes as you want them to appear on the outside and inside envelopes. See an example below. I'm happy to advise with this after we have agreed to work together if you need help preparing this before you send it to me.

B.) 15-20% extra envelopes

C.) a 25% nonrefundable deposit to hold the date and reserve studio time. This is applied to your final bill. Should you decide to cancel, this acts as a cancellation fee.

D.) Studio minimum is $60.


It is customary to mail formal invitations 6-8 weeks in advance of the event. Typically, I need 2-4 weeks to complete an envelope addressing project. Plan to have your materials to me 12 weeks before your event so you'll have time to stuff and stamp them for mailing after I complete the calligraphy. My studio is active, so please book well in advance to reserve your calligraphy services. Rush orders are accepted if schedule permits. An upcharge may apply. Check with me.

An invitation for you...

Your event is unique! I am experienced in working with all sorts of custom variables, so please feel free to discuss your personal calligraphy visions with me.

Fine Handwriting for All Occasions

Linda Lanza
P. O. Box 7695
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Formatting your address list...

A two-column list is best. Be sure it is clear exactly where each address line breaks. This is especially important for foreign addresses. Examples:

Outer Envelope

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Tennyson
21 Heaven’s Gate Boulevard
Olympia, Washington 98417


Ethel and Alfred Tennyson
21 Heaven’s Gate Boulevard
Olympia, Washington 98417


Ms. Ethel Dinwiddie-Tennyson
and Mr. Alfred Tennyson
21 Heaven’s Gate Boulevard
Olympia, Washington 98417


Inner Envelope

Mr. and Mrs. Tennyson (formal)


Fred and Ethel (informal)


Uncle Fred and Aunt Ethel (informal)

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